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Where does the money go when I purchase carbon offsets through Carbon Neutral Ohio?


Carbon Neutral Ohio (CNO) is a nonprofit social enterprise startup. This means we generate most of our support by selling carbon offsets as a fundraiser. Similar to how Goodwill resells clothing. We’re demonstrating a self-financing, inclusive, and scalable mass movement. We help households clean up their carbon footprints and shift culture so that it’s normal to be carbon neutral.

About 40% of subscription revenue goes to educate more households. The other 60% goes to purchase verified, wholesale, negative emissions. So far, we’ve invested in forest protection, landfill methane capture, and nitrous oxide abatement. There are over 200 project types, however, including feeding cows garlic to reduce methane and shifting to regenerative farming practices to capture carbon in the soil.

We select projects based on our current knowledge of what is most effective. For example, The Oxford Offsetting Principles points out that not all tons are created equally. Right now, it’s good to invest in projects that avoid emissions (e.g. avoided deforestation). Over time, however, we need to shift to projects that remove emissions. First with short-lived storage (e.g. soil carbon) and then with long-lived storage (e.g. carbon mineralization). 

See this record of all carbon offset deposits and purchases.