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What does it cost to be carbon neutral?


It costs about the price of Netflix per person. For a household it's usually similar to your water bill.

Once you know your carbon footprint, you can invest in projects that sequester the exact amount of carbon your responsible for emitting. The investment depends on your carbon footprint. You can view our financial records here.

We all know "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Compare this with the social cost of carbon. This describes the economic damages of putting one ton of CO2e into the air. According to researchers at Stanford University, each ton causes about $220 in damages. That means the average family is shifting about $8,000 in damages onto others, usually the most vulnerable.

So by investing a similar amount as your water bill, you can prevent a lot of damages.

And when more and more people become carbon neutral, they prevent millions of dollars in damages.