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Stories of Impact


"... It is inspiring to see local startups, such as [Carbon Neutral Ohio], figuring out how to communicate with homeowners and small businesses about their carbon footprint." --Bill McKibben, Climate Author, in The New Yorker [8/5/20]


"Others should consider becoming carbon neutral because it’s easy and it relieves a lot of anxiety. Many people think they are powerless. But they don’t have to feel that way. It was surprisingly simple to just do it and become carbon neutral myself." --Michael Grady, Earlham College student

Help the Planet

"I am carbon neutral because I dramatically reduced my household emissions and participate in a carbon offset program through [Carbon Neutral Ohio]. Check out [their] website to see how you can reduce emissions and help the planet." --Brian Will, HR professional, serving at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center as the First Impressions Program Coordinator. Brian lives in Columbus, and is the first carbon neutral households in Ohio.


"I loved the connectedness of everyone [in the summer internship]... This was more valuable than my average class. [It] was more hands-on and allowed me to grow as a person and in my knowledge." --Beverely Thompson, Indiana University student

"We've built such a close community [with this summer internship]... and it's more the community motivating me than even the climate action we're promoting." --Siddharth Das, Indiana University student


"Why should others consider becoming carbon neutral? It sounds cliche but -- to save the planet. Before I felt a little helpless, as far as how to actually do something about the climate. Now it feels like I’m taking steps to do something at least. That feels pretty good." --Stephen Seiter, M.D.


"I’ve been thinking about becoming carbon neutral for a long time. Frankly, it seemed complex and overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. Carbon Neutral Indiana made it easy! It was very affordable and it only took about twenty minutes. This is important because life is complicated enough. Even when people are concerned about the climate -- and want to be good citizens -- it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve read a lot about carbon, even studied it professionally, and taken steps to reduce my carbon footprint. But Carbon Neutral Indiana has enabled me to become carbon neutral right now!" --Rae Schnapp, Ph.D.

"I realized the situation was even far worse than what I had thought. I realized how devastating it was going to be and how difficult it was going to be to get out of it… Others should consider becoming carbon neutral because the planet needs you! Becoming carbon neutral through Carbon Neutral Indiana was easy." --Greg Kempf, retired engineer


"It’s smart because it’s putting a price tag on our lifestyles. It’s like putting your money where your mouth is. It’s not a random donation to a charity. It’s a specific investment tied to one’s specific carbon footprint. I know this will push me and encourage me to change my lifestyle and footprint going forward." --Alli Williams


"There are a lot of people who want to help but don’t know how. I think becoming carbon neutral is one great way to help. Getting my household’s carbon footprint measured felt good. For me it was very easy. The person I spoke with from Carbon Neutral Indiana was clear at explaining all of the calculations." --Colleen Altschul

"A few days after we last spoke, I bought an electric car! Really excited to see how this changes my footprint. I know I don't drive a lot so I know it won't be monumental, but still!” --Anonymous


“Why are we carbon neutral? My wife, Mary, said it best the other day. She said, 'We're doing this for our grandchildren.' ... Taking responsibility for our carbon footprints, and becoming carbon neutral, is one way to do that.” --Gene Tempel, Ed.D., founder, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy


"The beauty of [this model] is that it provides a powerful framework for citizens to take control of that which they can control, their own impact on the environment... We are grateful to [this organization's] leadership…” --Jeff Marks & Chris Marks, Ph.D.

Political Will

"When you look at trends regarding the climate crisis, we’re driving civilization over a cliff… That’s why programs like [this]  are special. They provide a precious opportunity for motivating grass-roots action that makes a difference… Also, as more households and businesses become carbon neutral, [Carbon Neutral Ohio] is providing concrete evidence of citizen concern that politicians will notice.” --Chris Haynes, Ph.D.