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Joshua Kruer - Climate Educator

"The peace of mind [from] my subscription to Carbon Neutral Ohio is priceless. [Most valuable is] how we as a collective can leverage our pledge to demand our institutions to implement change."

Joshua Kruer lives in Cincinnati and is one of the first carbon neutral households in Ohio:

Josh is also an educator, artist, and community organizer, and he founded Nature Was Here. It's mission is to "empower people to solve the climate crisis through media, environmental education and social permaculture."

It's core values are:

  1. Compassion : motivated to act from a place of love and kindness, because we are all connected here on Mother Earth
  2. Honesty : dedicated to the truth and making the message(s) accessible to all people, regardless of education level
  3. Sustainability : focusing on stewardship, not ownership, applying permaculture to environmental and social systems
  4. Reconciliation : advocating to restore natural cycles and landscapes while empowering people most affected by climate change

"Nature Was Here began when I started thinking about my relationship with Mother Nature, no longer in terms of ownership, nature not as something to conquer, but how to be a better steward and, in many ways, a better listener."